How do you get the Batmobile in Lego Batman 3?

How do you get all the vehicles in Lego Batman 2?

Various Vehicles are unlockable in LEGO Batman 2.

Unlockable Vehicles.

Vehicle Cost Where to Find
Two-Face’s Truck 250,000 Parked next to City Hall.
Two-Face’s Truck Minikit Collect all 10 Minikits in Arkham Asylum Antics.
Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Minikit Collect all 10 Minikits in Heroes Unite.

How do you witness the LEGO stud fountain in 100?

To unlock this achievement you must first achieve 100% within the game and then enter the room at the back, inside the Avengers mansion with a trophy symbol next to the door. Once inside you will see a fountain, pull the switch to release the LEGO studs and balloons, the achievement should now pop.

How do you beat a broken bat?

Dig in the two dig spots to unearth some LEGO bricks. Interact with them to build a duck and claim another Minikit. Switch to Alfred and pass through the fire on the stairs and interact with the bricks at the top to build an extinguisher. Have each character stand on a button to activate the lift.

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