How do you get Jacoby in Lego Pirates?

How do I unlock Bo Sun?

8. Bo’Sun — How to unlock: Buy for 10,000 studs. Found in Isla de Muerta in The Black Pearl.

How do you buy characters in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?

There is no shop…you will see them walking around the main hub after you start completing a few levels. Some you can buy just by walking up to them. The rest ( they are blacked out) you fight them for a few seconds before you can buy them.

Who can break glass in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

You need the character Syrena (mermaid looking,carries a purple whip weapon),who’s scream can break it…she isn’t a buyable character,but an unlocked one later in the game…so if she’s not in your free play cast,you haven’t gotten that far in the story mode to unlock her yet.

Who has super strength in Lego Pirates?


Name Ability Characters/Items
Repair Repair red-hot elements and machines. Mallot Mr. Brown Mr. Gibbs Salaman
Strength These characters pull orange levers and lift up other minifigs and smash them to pieces. Blackbeard Bo’sun Crash Davy Jones Garheng Gunner Zombie Tattoo Pirate Quartermaster Zombie

How do you get 100 on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

To complete the game to 100% you have to:

  1. Complete all levels in story mode.
  2. Achieve true pirate on all levels (see “There’s the Jack I know”).
  3. Collect all minikits on all levels.
  4. Fill the compass on all levels.
  5. Collect all red hats (see “You may throw my hat”).
  6. Collect all gold bricks (see “Take what you can”).
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Where do you get Blackbeard in Lego Pirates?

User Info: smeep2k4. You’ll find him by Tia’s hut in the Port. He’s 500,000 studs. Tia’s hut is to the left side of the left hand portion of the port (you’ll need a certain number of gold blocks to unlock the barrel roller to lift up the bridge to get to Tia’s hut).

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