How do you get Davy Jones in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean?

How do you get Davy Jones in LEGO Pirates?

Top Voted Answer. Just hit him a few times when you find him walking around the hub. This applies to any character you need to purchase that has the blacked out circle over their head preventing you from buying him/her.

How do I get past the Davy Jones Locker?

Davy Jones’ Locker – walkthrough | At World’s End LEGO Pirates: TVG Guide

  1. Use the compass and indicate the boat (the object up). [ …
  2. Look for the yellow duck and a purple element. [ …
  3. One of the Jacks will have a gun. …
  4. Use the compass and find the peanut. …
  5. Jump on the donkey and pull the orange rod of the cart. [

How do you complete the Dutchman’s secret?

Dead Man’s Chest: The Dutchman’s Secret. Start out by grabbing a lantern nearby. Move to the left to scare away a tentacle with the lantern, then use the action button to stick your sword into the gears.

How do you beat Davy Jones in LEGO Pirates?

Other Answers

  1. Wow. How could you mix up Blackbeard and Davey Jones… He even stated in “At World’s End”. …
  2. Davey Jones is a pain. The way to beat him though is to pick up the chalice and wait, eventually he will start throwing bombs down.
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What happened to Davy Jones crew?

Davy Jones’ monstrous crew is made up from the doomed sailors who have opted to serve one hundred years before the mast rather than face certain death at sea. … After Jones’ own death, the crew turned back to normal, with Will Turner as the new captain of the Dutchman.

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