How do you find out what LEGO minifigure you have?

Go to “Catalog” -> “Parts” -> “Minifigure, Torso” Search for “Robe”, or “Belt”, or “star”, or “jacket” or whatever it looks like to you. Now Scroll through until you see a familiar piece.

Is there an app to identify Lego minifigures?

The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog App is a must for every LEGO enthusiast! It contains information about all the Minifigures and Sets from the early beginnings through 2011. Also included are Non-Standard Scale figures such as Duplo, Fabuland, and Belville.

Are Lego minifigures numbered?

The numbering of the figures in each set below is in accordance with the visual guide sheet which is included within the individual packets for each series.

Are Lego minifigures marked?

Many official LEGO minifigures have a marking on the front of the neck, that will either be in a lighter color or a darker color than the rest of the torso piece. If the neck stud comes in one solid color, then it’s possible that you have a counterfeit one. … This is not the case for counterfeit minifigs.

Does Brickset have an app?

myBrickset is the first Android app for Brickset.

How do you identify Lego parts?

Check for visible part numbers

Look for a 4 or 5 digit part ID on the element. These are usually printed on the inside. A magnifying glass and good lighting can be helpful. Many bricks will also have other numbers printed on them, but only the 4 or 5 digit numbers are useful for identifying parts.

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