Do you earn money from LEGO Ideas?

Lego Ideas (formerly known as Lego Cuusoo) is a website run by Chaordix and The Lego Group, which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets available commercially, with the original designer receiving 1% of the royalties.

Can you sell ideas to LEGO?

LEGO doesn’t directly take product ideas from fans. However, there is a website called LEGO Ideas where you can post creations that may potentially get turned into official LEGO kits. The process is as follows: Submit your idea to LEGO Ideas.

What do you get if your LEGO idea is chosen?

If your Product Idea reaches 10,000 supporters and is chosen to be made into an official LEGO product, you will receive: 1% of the total net sales of the product (this includes product ideas featuring original models based on third-party intellectual property such as a game, TV show, or movie).

What happens when a LEGO idea gets 10000?

You can read more about the LEGO Review process in our Guidelines and House Rules. When your project reaches 10,000 supporters, it will no longer allow updates. … Again, if you get this far, you’ve achieved what only a small percentage of LEGO Ideas members have, so congratulations on all of your success!

How much do LEGO earn?

In 2020, the LEGO Group generated a global revenue of approximately 5.87 billion euros and employed about 17,500 people worldwide.

Net profit of the LEGO Group worldwide from 2009 to 2020 (in million euros)*

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Characteristic Net profit in million euros
2017 1,048.35
2016 1,269.2
2015 1,232.8
2014 943.56

How much does a LEGO creator make?

LEGO Designers earn $55,000 annually, or $26 per hour, which is 8% higher than the national average for all Designers at $51,000 annually and 18% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

Who owns LEGO now?

Does Lego pay royalties?

On the heels of the Star Wars success, Lego smartly committed itself to obtaining licensing arrangements with established brand universes, including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Marvel and Disney. The move paid off. In 2012, royalty expenses amounted to $263 million while profits reached $4 billion.

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