Can you remove Lego hands?

They are not designed to be removed and doing so can make it hard to replace. It is not a very good idea to remove Lego arms except on the minifigures listed above.

Can you remove Lego printing?

Nope. That will ruin the element, it will start to ‘melt‘ the element.

Why do Lego arms get loose?

Constantly moving their joints will make those connection loose. If you are working on things like stop-motion videos where you are frequently adjusting the joints, it is best to use cheap minifigures. You can still play with more valuable minifigures, but it is best not to constantly move their arm around.

Does nail polish remover damage LEGO?

The styrofoam disintegrates almost immediately. Legos and plastics like the Rubik’s Cube take a little longer, but they still turn to total mush in the end. … Also, acetone can be used to permanently bond Legos.

How do you polish clear Legos?

Dip the clear LEGO pieces in the polish, making sure that the LEGO piece is fully covered. Then set the LEGO pieces aside to fully dry (I recommend setting them on baking parchment-paper). The liquid acrylic floor-polish is self-leveling and will fill any micro-scratches or minor flaws in the LEGO piece.

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