Can you recycle LEGO boxes?

LEGO® bricks are designed to be reused and handed down through generations, but LEGO boxes and other packaging are often disposed of quickly. Some of our packaging contains single-use disposable plastic, which today, isn’t sustainable or in some cases able to be recycled.

Should you throw away LEGO boxes?

Keep The Lego Boxes In Mint Condition

There’s no point in storing something that is worn out or looks like it is meant to be in the trash. Check the boxes and throw out the ones with torn lids, squished portions, or folded sides (unless you are going to use them to store the exact Lego set that is on the box).

How do you dispose of Legos?

Just go to, print out a shipping label, box up your bricks and get them to the post office. You can also visit one of our LEGO Stores to get a free shipping label or drop your donation off in person.

Are LEGO set boxes worth anything?

Worth anything? Yes, technically. Selling them will be tricky, though. As of now, that particular set’s box sold for roughly $11 over the last 6 months, and sold 7 different times on the BrickLink site.

Are LEGO instructions worth anything?

They typically hold little value on their own, although they do add to the value when selling a complete set. If you don’t have any plans to sell off your sets then they’re likely not worth holding on to. Myself, I keep the instruction booklets as they take up relatively little space.

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Is LEGO waste of money?

The perception of high cost in the range of construction toys is countered by the fact that LEGO branded bricks still work after many years, whereas some of the cheap clones last for only three tries. The latter would disappoint a child or adult builder so they are the waste of money.

Can you sell Legos without the box?

You can list the on BrickLink as complete, used, no box. Those are options you can select as you list each set. You can also list them on eBay, and just put in the description that the sets are without box, but with instructions and all the pieces included. This is a normal and accepted way of selling LEGO sets.

Should I keep my Legos?

Dust and grime are notoriously hard to clean off Lego pieces, so make sure that you keep building blocks in lidded boxes. Keeping the themed sets in their original boxes makes sense if you’re planning to sell them later – the sets that still have their original packaging are much more valuable.

Should I keep Lego instructions?

But when you get home from the toy store, throw out the instructions. Your children won’t be able to replicate the Star Wars space ship. But, without a roadmap, they may find a way to build a better one.

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