Are LEGO boxes sealed?

LEGO sets ship in sturdy cardboard boxes. The LEGO bricks inside the box are sealed in plastic bags (though some larger pieces come loose in the box) and for larger sets the instruction manual and sticker sheet are also sealed in a plastic bag. The LEGO box itself is not covered in plastic.

Do Lego boxes come taped?

Most Lego boxes are sealed with tape including the one you have sold. Most of the smaller sets are not sealed with tape but glued, you have to break the half moon indentations to open the box.

How do you store Lego boxes long term?

Just keep them away from children, and store them on the shelf. the boxes are very easy to dust off, and they will not be harmed form the dust. Also, do not put anything heavy on top of the LEGO boxes!

Does Lego ship in plain boxes?

Every order is shipped in a plain box, and you can specify the ‘Ship To’ address such as a relative’s house or place of employment. … Pricing information will be included in your shipping confirmation e-mail.

What is the best LEGO storage?

The Best Lego Storage Ideas

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Where do you store finished Legos?

Choose a room in your home or a corner where you can keep a small table for your LEGO sets and pieces. Lay down a few of the large flat LEGO baseplates and secure your sets to them if you don’t want them to move around. Whenever you finish another build, add it to your table.

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