You asked: Will there be a season 16 of Ninjago?

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired
Master of the Mountain 16 September 13, 2020
The Island 4 March 7, 2021
Seabound 16 April 4, 2021

Will Ninjago have a season 16?

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 16 (subtitled Greased Lightning) – 16th season of LEGO Ninjago. … This is the first installment from the three season arc the Lightning Arc. Episodes are every Saturday at 10, starting on October 23, 2021 and the Finale of the Lightning Arc is some time in 2022!

Who is the weakest Ninja in Ninjago?

Witch ninja is the weakest: Ninjago.

Is Ninjago ending in 2021?


Season Episodes Originally aired
Last aired
Prime Empire 16 August 30, 2020
Master of the Mountain 16 October 25, 2020
The Island 4 March 14, 2021

Has Ninjago ended?

Endings is the fourth and final episode of the tenth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 98th episode overall. It aired in New Zealand on February 9, 2019, the United States on April 19, 2019 as a film, and on April 27, 2019 in Canada.

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