You asked: What do Incredibricks do in Lego Incredibles?

In the game, you can collect a collectible known as Incredibrick. you can use it to build structures on different platforms which are marked with an Incredibles logo. when you build the structure you will unlock new characters.

How do you get the Incredibricks in Lego Incredibles?

This is found in the middle of the corn field south of the road. In the pool at the New Parr Family Home. The top of the roof of the New Parr Family Home.

How do you get the gold brick in outer Municiberg?

One of the gold bricks in Outer Municibergu can be found in the pool next to Edna Mode’s house. The pool is surrounded by lasers. You can use Viola for an easy way in (both the shield and invisibility are a good way to deal with the lasers).

How do you get gold bricks in LEGO Batman?

Gold Bricks can be earned in mission levels for completing them in story mode, filling the Studmeter, finding all Minikits, etc. They can also be collected in the overworld by completing short quests or simply finding them.

How do you burrow in Lego Incredibles?

Hold down Circle in front of one to dig it up.

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