Why do Legos yellow?

Older bricks tend to yellow if exposed to too much sunlight – especially the white, blue and light grey LEGO bricks. … According to Brothers Brick, the bricks undergo a chemical reaction to the H2O2, that effectively helps to bring the colours back up.

How do you whiten Legos?

One easy and painless way to sanitize your LEGO pieces is by adding ¼ cup of white vinegar to every cup of hot water that you use to put them in. Some LEGO owners decide to use bleach to sterilize their bricks, by adding ¼ tbsp to every gallon of warm water.

Why are there no black Lego Minifigures?

The unnatural shade is intended to set Lego minifigures apart from a specific segment of humanity. “They’re designed to be citizens of the world,” says Michael McNally senior manager of brand relations for Lego. “The intent is for kids to project their own stories and identity into this figure.”

Can LEGOs melt in the sun?

It is best to store the LEGOs away from direct sunlight. … Although sunlight will not cause the bricks to melt, it will accelerate their decomposition and cause the color to fade, leaving them brittle and discolored.

Can you put LEGOs in the washing machine?

Did you know you could put Lego in the washing machine? Well, you can – all you need is a wash bag for delicates. … Simply fill the wash bag with Lego, zip it closed and pop it in the washing machine. Opt for a low temperature wash and use a delicates or wool cycle to protect the plastic pieces from damage.

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How do you make Legos shiny?

Use of it is simple.

Then set the LEGO pieces aside to fully dry (I recommend setting them on baking parchment-paper). The liquid acrylic floor-polish is self-leveling and will fill any micro-scratches or minor flaws in the LEGO piece. Once fully dry you can lightly polish the LEGO piece with a soft cloth.

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