Why did they change Lloyd in Ninjago?

The main real world reason for the change is because season 8 SOG came after the Ninjago movie. Therefore the TV show took many of the design elements from the movie including most noticeably new hair pieces and the new Destiny’s Bounty.

Why did they change Lego Ninjago?

Sons of Garmadon implemented a new phase for the ninjas’ designs, which were now based on the designs of their movie counterparts in The Lego Ninjago Movie. The design change aimed to help new fans of the movie transition to the television series.

What happened to the old Lloyd voice actor?

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On March 25, 2017, it was confirmed that Michaels will not provide the voice of Lloyd in Sons of Garmadon, with Ninjago co-creator Tommy Andreasen stated that Sons of Garmadon needed “something else” for the character’s voice. Sam Vincent took over the role for Sons of Garmadon and onward.

Why are Lloyds eyes green?

His eyes are green, reflecting his green elemental power, and typically glow in combat scenes.

Why did the ninja stop using Airjitzu?

It was confirmed by the creators that Airjitzu would not be used starting with Season 8. This was done for the purpose of preventing the ninja from being too overpowered. Tommy Andreasen gave the analogy, “Sometimes you buy some piece of furniture which is too big.

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Who is the weakest ninja in Ninjago?

Witch ninja is the weakest: Ninjago.

Do Jay and Nya have babies?

“NYA!” Jay gasped and burst inside. There was a perfectly fine Nya, holding a baby in her arms. Jay walked up to her, and she passed him the child.

Does Lloyd turn evil?

Season 5: Possession. As a result of Morro’s possession, Lloyd wind up becoming evil again and sought to find the way to free Preeminent from cursed realm. Fortunately, Lloyd returned to the good side once Morro eventually freed him as he outlived his usefulness.

Who is the voice of Zane in Ninjago?

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