Who walked on LEGOs?

The farthest distance walking barefoot on LEGO® bricks is 8,898.9 m (29,195 ft 10.39 in), and was achieved by Salacnib “Sonny” Molina (USA) in Woodstock, Illinois, USA, on 1 May 2021. Sonny has broken this record twice already and trained to regain his title to honor a promise he made his dad.

What is the longest LEGO walk in the world?

Share. The tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks measured 35.05 m (114 ft 11 in) and was achieved by Lego Italia (Italy), in Milan, Italy, on 21 June 2015.

What is LEGO stepping?

A single brick can support 953 pounds of pressure before it compresses. That means when you step on a LEGO, the lack of give transfers all that force right back into the sole of your foot, rather than absorbing some of the force exerted on it. Whistler goes even more in depth in the video above.

Has anyone walked the longest walkable road in the world?

One mouthwatering, still-undone route is the longest continuous walk in the world. In 2019, reddit user cbz3000 played around on Google Maps to find the longest route that you could walk without having to cross an ocean. Stretching 22,387km, it runs from Cape Town, South Africa to Magadan, Russia.

How much force does it take to break a LEGO brick?

At the behest of a BBC program, in 2012 Johnston squashed a few of the blocks with a hydraulic tester. Lego pieces underwent material failure at an average of 4,240 Newtons. This was equal to 950 pounds of force, or the force on a brick at the base of an impossibly tall 375,000 Lego brick tower, the BBC noted.

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