Where is the mosasaurus amber in Lego Jurassic World?

Where is the amber in Lego Jurassic world out of bounds?

Amber – Indominus Rex

In the center of an area, you’ll find a flower on the right wall you can shoot. After this, shoot the next flower that a butterfly lands on. The last flower is a little further out left from the last one. Once you shoot all three, you’ll get the Amber.

How do you unlock the Dimorphodon?

It is unlocked by completing the Earth Shattering event. More individuals can be purchased in the market for 3,600 DNA or found through card packs. As of January 30, 2017, a level 40 Dimorphodon can be fused with a level 40 Metriacanthosaurus to create the hybrid Metriaphodon.

Does Jurassic World evolution have the mosasaurus?

Our latest in-game trailer showed off some of the spectacular additions to Jurassic World Evolution 2. This includes the Dimorphodon, Parasaurolophus, Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, and with its huge fan following, the inimitable Mosasaurus.

How do you get past the Indominus paddock?

Switch to Owen and use his camouflage ability to sneak past the Indominus Rex. Sift through the closest poop pile to reveal parts. Build it into a windup bunny to distract the dinosaur. Switch to Supervisor Nick, scan near the cage to release the amber.

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How do you get Amber in Indominus escape?

Amber Fossil (Indominus Rex) – Free Play Mode

Follow the butterfly to the flower on the left and shoot that too. The butterfly will flap off even further to the left. You need to cross the vine bridge to shoot the target. You’ll be rewarded with an amber fossil.

How do you beat the Indominus Rex in Lego Jurassic World?

Take a photo, which will make the Indominus Rex break it. Using those pieces build the “Dinosaur Cannon” and shoot him when he opens his mouth. Afterwards, switch to the raptor and attack him twice. When the Indominus Rex is stunned, jump on his face with the raptor.

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