Where does the Lego Advent calendar start?

How does a Lego Advent Calendar work?

LEGO advent calendars is a collection of seasonal sets which are released annually some time before Christmas. They belong to many different themes. Every advent calendar contain 24 little models for each day, from the beginning of December to Christmas Eve.

Do you start your advent calendar at 1 or 25?

The first is that you would start with the highest number and countdown. In other words, you would count back from 24 to 1. The second is the calendar would begin with one and work up towards the highest number. … “The point of the calendar is not to countdown, but rather to count up towards the days before Christmas.”

Are the Lego Advent calendars different every year?

Is the LEGO Advent Calendar different every year? Yes! There are typically 2-4 new sets each year (this year they have LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Marvel).

What number do you open first on a Lego Advent Calendar?

It starts at 1 and goes to 24. Advent calendars typically don’t follow the period of Advent described above. Instead, they begin on December 1 and mark the 24 days before Christmas.

How do you count Advent calendars?

Using the historical context, it seems that the proper way to work through an advent calendar is starting with the box labeled “one.” The point of the calendar is not to count down, but rather to count up towards the days before Christmas.

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Which is the best Lego Advent Calendar?

Best LEGO Advent Calendars

  • Star Wars 2018 Advent Calendar. An excellent choice for the Star Wars super fan in your family. …
  • Friends Advent Calendar. A fun and engaging holiday LEGO calendar that’s ideal for younger children. …
  • City 2018 Advent Calendar. …
  • Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017. …
  • City Advent Calendar.

Are Lego Advent calendars reusable?

While I believe most people simply opt to buy a new calendar and integrate the current year’s calendar into their LEGO collection, but I do have a few friends who store the calendar by day, so that next year, it can be re-opened again.

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