What will LEGO be made of?

Lego makes between 110 and 120 billion plastic pieces per year, and about 80% are currently made from ABS. About 5% are made from a polymer that comes from sugar cane from which Lego makes its plastic plants.

What will all Legos be made from by 2030?

Lego company pledges to phase out fossil-fuel-based plastics and make all blocks from sugarcane by 2030. “Plant-based Lego leaves, trees, and bushes are already in production and will be included in all Lego packages later this year.

Is Lego made from recycled plastic?

LEGO has moved on from bendy bioplastic to making a new prototype block that is fabricated from PET plastic from discarded bottles. It is the very first brick made from a recycled material to meet most of LEGO’s requirements for its standard ABS bricks.

Who invented Legos?

Are old LEGOs safe?

4 Answers. No, you should not be concerned about lead. LEGO has always used lead-free colors in their elements, even back in the beginning. However, not all LEGO-compatible bricks are lead free.

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