What is the message of the LEGO story?

In the end, Emmett realizes that every person in the world is special and unique – everyone is “the most talented, most interesting, an most extraordinary person in the universe, and are capable of amazing things.” The Lego Movie’s script is fairly clear as to its desire to teach children the value of their own …

What is the main idea of the LEGO story?

The short film conveys the significance of family, inspiring and supporting one another during tribulations and adversity. The company of Lego was founded by Ole Kirk Chrstiansen and his son Godtfred back in 1932.

What happened in the LEGO story?

Just five years after launching its System of Play, LEGO sustained a third catastrophic fire. Like the first, this blaze sealed the company’s fate: Since the fire burned up all of the company’s wooden toy inventory, the company decided to ditch wood for good and move ahead with plastic.

Why is The Lego Movie good?

The Lego movie is a downright masterpiece, there’s no two ways about it. Incredible visuals and animation combined with a hilarious script, dazzling creativity and good characters make it one of the best and most original animated films in a long time.

What went wrong with Lego Movie 2?

Trailers for LEGO Movie 2 were not overly impressive and failed to sell the project as something that needed to be seen on the big screen. The biggest fault of promotion was positioning LEGO Movie 2 as more of a kids film than something with cross-generational appeal.

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