What is the best Lego Friends set?

What is the best Lego Friends set 2021?

Best LEGO Friends Sets

  • Mia’s Camper Van. Colorful, sturdy, and packed with fun things to build and play with, Mia’s Camper Van will keep imaginative LEGO builders entertained long after the final brick is placed. …
  • Olivia’s Hamster Playground. …
  • Mia’s Foal Stable. …
  • Lighthouse Rescue Center. …
  • Mia’s Tree House.

Who is ellieV?

ellieV is a family friendly channel where we get creative and think inside AND outside the (Lego) box!

Will Lego make more Central Perk?

The toy giant announced Thursday that it will release the Lego Ideas 21319 Central Perk set, featuring building blocks for the squad’s go-to Manhattan coffee shop and figurines of Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel, in honor of the hit sitcom’s 25th anniversary.

What are the Lego Friends last names?

Meet the LEGO® Friends of Heartlake City

Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia always have time to meet new friends.

What is Stephanie from Lego Friends last name?

Emma is probably Asian-American, and the surname I have chosen is actually of Chinese origin. Stephanie Galanis or Ariti (I couldn’t decide!

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