What is LEGO’s business identity?

One Global Brand Identity. The purpose of the LEGO® Brand Identity & Experience is to support a unique and globally consistent positioning of our brand. As we increasingly expand our global presence, the LEGO® Brand Identity needs to be homogeneous and durable across touchpoints, channels and markets.

What is LEGO’s business model?

Lego provides its products to customers on a self-service basis, both through its regional online retail sites and through its network of physical retail stores. Through these channels, customers are able to purchase products from the Company directly.

What is LEGO’s brand purpose?

Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow‘ Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.

What are LEGO’s values?

The core values of the company – fun, creativity, imagination, learning and caring – all tie in with play, and the company sees this as an incredible asset for building a strong company culture.

What are the different types of business models?

Most common types of business models

  • Bundling model. …
  • Freemium model. …
  • Razor blades model. …
  • Product to service model. …
  • Crowdsourcing model. …
  • One-for-one model. …
  • Franchise model. …
  • Distribution model.
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How does LEGO create value?

LEGO adds value by enabling team building and problem solving in environments such as the workplace (through LEGO SERIOUSPLAY®, a consultancy tool).

Why is LEGO the most powerful brand?

The children’s toy manufacturer Lego scored highly on a wide variety of measures on Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index such as familiarity, loyalty, promotion, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

Who are LEGO’s customers?

The target audience of Lego is mainly the kids in 1 to 15 years age group. However, the company also has a large base of customers and followers among the grown ups.

What is the business level strategy?

A business level strategy definition can be summarized as a detailed outline which incorporates a company’s policies, goals, and actions with the focus on being how to deliver value to customers while maintaining a competitive advantage.

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