What is better Lego or Playmobil?

LEGO is perfect for building while Playmobil is mainly about role play. LEGO also focuses on all ages with real collector’s items, and it has turned out that at a later age boys mainly prefer LEGO, and girls for Playmobil.

Are Playmobil toys like Legos?

No, Playmobil products are different from Legos. You don’t stack or build with these toys. You put or piece together what comes in the box, but there is no place to add or attach any other item.

Why are there LEGO rip offs?

Part of the reason for this is that LEGO has patents and trademarks for how its bricks are made. This forces some companies to create different locking mechanisms for bricks that are generally inferior. This can lead to loosely fitting bricks, a complaint frequently made about LEGO knockoffs.

What is the biggest Playmobil set ever?

The largest Playmobil® display consists of 68,808 figurines and was achieved by Aesclick, The Spanish Association of collectibles of Playmobil (Spain), in Barbastro, Spain on 26 September 2010. Playmobil® are a line of toys or figurines and are considered collectible items all over the world.

Is Playmobil toxic?

PLAYMOBIL toys when regularly used are not heated and not used to contain food. BPA is structurally firmly incorporated in transparent PLAYMOBIL-parts and thus doesn’t harm the health of children while playing. … This list is now being published and used to affirm PLAYMOBIL would offer toxic toys.

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What is Playmobil worth?

Playmobil, which sells Lego-esque toys in thematic kits, has become one of the largest toy companies in the world. With nearly $700 million in revenue, Playmobil ranks only behind Lego, Mattel and Hasbro .

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