What happens when you 100 percent Lego Star Wars?

What happens when you get 100% on Lego Star Wars?

Get 100.0% by buying everything, getting all the True Jedi Statuses for Story and Free Play, getting all the Red Power Bricks, completing all the Minikits, completing LEGO City, and getting all the Gold Bricks. Reward for 100.0%: Nothing.

What do you get for 100 Lego Star Wars?

100% Achievement

  • 160 gold bricks.
  • 360 mini-kits.
  • 36 red bricks.
  • 360 blue mini-kits.
  • buy all of the characters.
  • buy all of the extras.
  • buy all of the tips.
  • finish all the super stories.

How do you get 100% completion in Lego Star Wars?

You need to complete all the Super Story modes (each episodes story in one hit, and done in under 1 hour with more than 100,00 studs, and no extras). HINT: Just do them as quick as possible, you should naturally pick up 100,000 studs as you go.

How do you unlock the mystery level in Lego Star Wars?

Unlock the superkit (the Tantive IV model outside Dexter’s Diner) by filling the Jedi bar while playing. This incidentally unlocks access to the mystery door. Filling the Jedi bar is not a simple function of money, but also in grabbing all the pre-staged LEGO studs in each mission.

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How long does it take to finish Lego Star Wars?

The estimated time to complete all 42 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga achievements is 35-40 hours.

How do you get anything else trophy?

This trophy takes place during Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage, in the Starkiller Shield Room checkpoint/section. Kylo Ren can be unlocked for free by completing Ottegan Assault in Story mode or by buying one of the variations for 250,000 studs.

How long is Lego Star Wars 2?

Based on 239 User Ratings

Platform Polled Main +
Nintendo GameCube 26 17h 17m
PC 24 23h 41m
PlayStation 2 40 21h 47m
PlayStation Portable 13 13h 38m

How long is Lego Indiana Jones?

How long does it take to beat LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures? The estimated time to complete all 50 LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures achievements is 20-25 hours.

How do you save your progress on Lego Star Wars?

Select a mission from the Cantina menu and begin playing. Follow the mission prompts until you finish the mission. The game will automatically save your progress once the mission is completed. If you quit the mission, any unsaved progress will be deleted.

What do gold bricks do in Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga?

Gold bricks can be used to construct doors to extra levels, such as the LEGO City.

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