What does it take to work at the Lego store?

The retail chain requires organizational, verbal and written communication skills as well as computer literacy. Applicants 16 years and older may apply for the following positions with the company: Sales Associates – Worker responsibilities involve greeting and interacting with families looking to buy products.

How do you get a job at the LEGO store?

LEGO Stores Job Application

If you are interested to work at LEGO, simply go to their career page, search the related links and find the job title you wished to apply. You have to submit an online application because the company does not provide a printable job application.

How hard is it to get a job at LEGO?

It’s going to be very difficult to get a job, don’t expect to be hired out of college. It is possible, but you have to be very very good. It is probably a good idea to start learning Danish. This is also true, it is a rare and much sought after job.

How much do LEGO store employees make?

Lego Brand Retail Jobs by Hourly Rate

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Job Title Range Average
Assistant Store Manager Range:$14 – $27 (Estimated *) Average:$19
Merchandiser Range:$10 – $17 (Estimated *) Average:$13
Retail Sales Associate Range:$10 – $25 (Estimated *) Average:$15
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:$13 – $24 (Estimated *) Average:$18

What should I wear to a Lego interview?

While we are a casual environment, we strongly encourage business attire for an interview.

What are the benefits of working at a Lego store?

Employee Comments

If you’re a LEGO fan, you’ll love this discount! 50% off for employees at the company store, sometimes more. There is a significant discount for full and part-time employees. Great discount at company store and LEGO retail stores.

How much does a Lego master builder make?

So how much does a LEGO master builder make? Reportedly just $37,500 per year salary. Yes, one of the most exclusive jobs in the world can barely make a living wage. So when LEGO Masters awards the winners — the most skilled team of LEGO architects — $100,000, it’s a huge deal for these LEGO aficionados.

Can you get paid to build LEGOs?

Apprentices typically make $10 per hour, senior builders $12 and full-time master builders can start at a salary of around $37,500 annually, according to Priceonomics. Huffington Post went behind-the-scenes with Master Builder Chris Steininger to explore what it’s like to work with LEGOs for a living.

What discount do Lego employees get?

With that 30% discount do you know if many employees supplemented their income by purchasing high-demand sets and reselling?

What do Lego employees wear?

UNDERGARMENTS – All Employees are required to wear appropriate undergarments at all times. For Employees who perspire heavily a T- shirt is recommended under their Uniform top. Men and women must wear appropriate undergarments under their pants or shorts.

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Is it good to work for Lego?

Lego has topped a list of the world’s most reputable companies for the fourth year in a row, according to an annual survey, closely followed by Disney, with both firms appearing in the top 10 every year since 2011. … Lego scored 78.9 out of a possible 100 points, while Disney scored 78.1.

Does the LEGO store drug test?

Build your career brick by brick at the LEGO Group. We conduct drug screening as a part of our drug free workplace policy and in support of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees.

How much does a Lego supervisor make?

Average the LEGO Group Retail Supervisor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $43,059, which is 9% above the national average.

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