What does it mean when a LEGO is sold out?

Although “sold out” combined with “retiring soon” is a good indication that it’s not coming back since it’s unlikely they’d be manufacturing any more. 10188 is the perfect example of a set that went sold out more than once and still came back in stock.

What happens when a LEGO set is sold out?

Now, the LEGO store is helping customers get the models they need in time for the holidays. As Brick Fanatics reports, LEGO.com will notify you when a sold-out kit you like is back in stock. … If you aren’t able to purchase a valuable LEGO set online this year, you may have better luck looking in your attic.

Why is LEGO out of stock?

Due to the pandemic, Lego’s supply chain is disrupted. One of the factories in Mexico is currently closed, so they are having to share the sets made in other factories with the markets normally served by the closed factory. Also, yeah, demand is likely higher due to everyone being home.

Why do Legos sell out so fast?

It’s sold out so fast partly because third party sellers bought up all the stock so they could try and sell back to gullible people for double and triple the correct retail price. Be patient, Lego is working on restocking, don’t pay more than the $119 retail price!

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What does LEGO temporarily out of stock mean?

LEGO marks it Retired on the page. It is temporarily out of stock meaning that it will be back in stock once they have made more. The manufacturing facility in Mexico is still closed. Once it opens back up it could take weeks or even months to catch back up on production.

Does sold out mean gone forever LEGO?

While sold out does not mean gone forever, I do not think those star wars sets are coming back. I would try to snag one on EBAY. Ive seen them there for at least 10-20% retail if not more. You just have to search and be patient.

How do I check LEGO store availability?

On each product page, you find a Check Store Stock tab, click it and enter your address details for stock details of the closest LEGO store to you or enter the details of the store you want to check stock for. You can then be safe in the knowledge that the store should stock the product when you visit the store.

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