What do you do if you like Legos?

Is it OK for adults to like Legos?

Playing with Lego as an adult comes with many different benefits including a way to practice mindfulness. … “Using Lego as an adult can be great to reduce stress and anxiety. When you’re focusing on creating something, you’re pointing your mind in the direction of what you’re creating.

What do you call someone who loves Legos?

A. AFOL: “Adult-Fan-of-LEGO”. Pronounced to rhyme with “hay-foal”.

What can I get instead of Legos?

7 LEGO Alternatives That Still Work With LEGO Bricks

  • LEGO.
  • Kre-O.
  • BanBao.
  • Sluban.
  • Laser Pegs.

Why Legos are good for adults?

It gives them an open mind and teaches them to listen to others’ ideas; colleagues or peers may have a better way of reaching a solution. Adults also benefit from improving their problem-solving techniques. The construction process may help them with strategic and lateral thinking at work and at home.

What does Leggo mean?

(slang, chiefly imperative) Contraction of let go. (slang, chiefly imperative) Contraction of let’s go.

What does PCS stand for in LEGO?


Acronym Definition
PCS Pre Classic Space (Lego theme)
PCS Portable Control Station
PCS Pointing Control Subsystem
PCS Portable Computer Software

What are illegal LEGO building techniques?

In the Lego community, illegal building techniques are simply ways to fit Lego pieces together in a way that the company never intended. These techniques don’t follow the official building guidelines, but some creative designers have used them to make one-of-a-kind pieces.

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