What age can you start using LEGO?

This will vary from kid to kid based on their experience with building toys, but we think 4 is the youngest age at which most children are ready to start with Lego bricks.

Can 3 year old play with LEGO?

Some children start playing with regular Legos at 2 or 3, but it may take time for them to build independently.

Can babies choke on Duplo?

Are LEGO Duplo pieces a choking hazard? A. No. All Duplo pieces and sets have been vigorously lab tested to pass the strict toy safety laws of over 140 nations worldwide.

What is the LEGO for babies called?

LEGO PRIMO. The LEGO baby-age toys were originally called LEGO DUPLO Baby. Later they got their own brand, called LEGO PRIMO. In the year 2000(?) that name was dropped in the United States because it was feared to have a negative association with the word “preemie”, or, premature baby.

What age group is LEGO Friends?

With a FREE magazine subscription, kids aged 5-9 can join the Friends in Heartlake City and check out awesome LEGO® themes and activities.

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