Quick Answer: Will there be a season 2 of Lego elves secrets of Elvendale?

Episode Number Netflix Release Date Episode Name
2X01 August 27th, 2021 Episode 1
2X02 August 27th, 2021 Episode 2
2X03 August 27th, 2021 Episode 3
2X04 August 27th, 2021 Episode 4

Did Lego elves get Cancelled?

Lego Elves was a Lego product line produced by The Lego Group that was launched in 2015. … The theme aimed to introduce a fantasy element to girl-focused Lego products. It was eventually discontinued by 2019.

Why are Lego elves so expensive?

But, for whatever reason, the prices for the Elves sets (the Dragons especially) have skyrocketed since the sets were retired. For example, buying a used copy of 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue is gonna cost you around 120$ at the cheapest, and a sealed one probably twice as much.

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