Quick Answer: How much are towels at Legoland Water Park?

Are towels provided at LEGOLAND Water Park?

We do have towels available for purchase at the Water Park, but do not have them available for rent.

What should I wear to LEGOLAND Water Park?

Swim wear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted. We have changing rooms available inside the Water Park. You must be fully clothed while entering and leaving the Water Park and may not wear just your bathing suit inside of the LEGOLAND Park.

Does LEGOLAND sell bathing suits?

Yes, Surf Shop! Get fitted out in the latest swimwear or the trendiest Florida foot wear. From sunscreen to towels, cool shades and the hottest poolside styles, this is the coolest place in the park.

Is LEGOLAND water park water heated?

The water is heated and pumped at 80° F.

How long do you need at Legoland water park?

At best it is 1/2 day. The water park may be different. If you are talking about the water rides within the park, include that within your 1/2 day.

Can I bring a water bottle into LEGOLAND?

Please note that coolers and outside food are not permitted in the Park, however bottled water and any food or beverages required for specific dietary needs are allowed.

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Can adults enter LEGOLAND alone?

Can adults enter Legoland alone? “In order to constantly maintain a welcoming environment in which to play, the Centres do not permit entry to any groups of adults, adult couples, or lone adults, who are not accompanied by a young child or children,” the spokesperson went on.

Does Legoland Water Park have lockers?

Lockers are available for rent in The Beginning and inside LEGOLAND Water Park. LEGOLAND California is not responsible for personal items.

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