Quick Answer: How do you throw a boomerang in LEGO Batman?

Hold down the “B” button. Aim the controller at targets to select them. Release the “B” button to throw.

How do you throw Batarang in Lego Batman ps4?

Batman can change into different suits by holding triangle and selecting the suit in the wheel. Batman can throw batarangs by holding square and targeting an enemy.

How do you move in Lego Batman Wii?

Move the control stick on the Nunchuk to move your character or control a vehicle. Press the “A” button on the Wii Remote to jump. If you’re using a character who can double jump, press “A” twice. Press “A” to stop using a vehicle.

How do you get past toxic waste in LEGO Batman?

Use the Magnetic Suit to walk along the back wall to cross over the toxic waste. Hop down on the other side and then build a pump to suck up all the toxic waste. Smash the dumpsters to the left and then build a magnetic wall for you to climb.

How do you grab things in LEGO Batman?


Batman and Robin and characters with superstrength can grab their enemies and perform a throw on them. To initiate a grapple, approach a character and press B.

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How do you pull things in Lego Batman the video game?


  1. Orange handles can be moved by a character with super strength. When you are near them, a blue arrow will indicate that you can move it by pressing Z. …
  2. You must have a charactor with super strength ( Mr.

How do you buy characters in LEGO Batman 1?

You need to beat the hero stories, and then the villain stories. Most villains unlock just by playing the game. A few others like Man-Bat and Mad Hatter you need to buy after beating certain villain missions. Hush becomes available to buy when you save all 25 civilians.

How do I change characters in Lego Batman 3?

You go to a free play switch or if you completed the story hold the y button until you see a bunch of character heads pop up the you choose what character you want with the a button if you choose bane and want to get the achievement for turning him big you have to be bane and when select him as your character you have …

How do you unlock the character menu in Lego Batman 2?


  1. After you have finished all of the story missions then you unlock Gotham City Free Play. …
  2. To play as any character in the City you have to do exactly what you have to do to unlock any character in the levels. …
  3. Press Triangle to switch characters on the fly (No changing to whatever character you want however).
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