Question: Which LEGO modular buildings are retired?

The next LEGO modular building to retire has returned to the official online store in the US – but you don’t have long left to grab it. According to Brick Fanatics’ sources, 10264 Corner Garage will disappear from production by the end of 2021, just under three years after it first launched.

What will be the next LEGO Creator building?

LEGO Creator Expert Bookshop (10270) Officially Revealed

LEGO’s next modular building set for 2020, and the 14th set in the series since the subtheme’s launch in 2007, has now been officially revealed. Following last year’s Corner Garage (10264), we now have the LEGO Creator Expert Bookshop (10270).

How many LEGO modular buildings are there?

Lego Modular Buildings

Subject Advanced models
Licensed from The Lego Group
Availability 2007–present
Total sets 25

How long do Lego sets last before they retire?

2 year life span for all sets. –Clarification: Typically 1 Modular is released per year, so the previous years set is retired. Modulars are typically released in January, hence the end of the year Retirement.

Which Lego sets are retiring in 2021?

LEGO Sets Reportedly Retiring at End of 2021

  • Architecture. San Francisco (21043) …
  • Art. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197) …
  • BrickHeadz. Valentine’s Bear (40379) …
  • Brick Sketches. Batman (40386) …
  • Classic. Bricks Bricks Bricks (10717) …
  • Creator 3-in-1. Riverside Houseboat (31093) …
  • Creator Expert. London Bus (10258) …
  • DC Comics.
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How do you store Lego Modular Buildings?

I use those empty plastic shipping pillows to fill up any voids between them but snug is the trick so they can’t slop around and jiggle things loose. Small bags of vehicles and accessories help fill up the space in the storage bins too. Then I put them in the garage for the rest of the year.

What was the first Lego Modular Building?

14. 10218 Pet Shop. The first modular building to consist of a pair of 16×32 structures, 10218 Pet Shop should definitely be applauded for trying something different. And in doing so, it brought us both residential and commercial buildings at the same time, with a terrific town house and pretty good pet shop.

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