Question: How do you break the silver objects in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

1 Answer. You need to use explosives to destroy them. You may not have a character with explosives yet, but you’ll unlock them later. The general rule of thumb for Lego Games is that you can’t do everything in a level in story mode, you need to wait for free play mode and until you unlocked all necessary characters.

What characters can break glass in Lego Pirates?

Voice (Syrena, Phillip Swift) Shatter glass and ice and stun enemies with your voice.

What happens when you get all gold bricks in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

All the gold bricks add up to 84 pieces. Next, you should go to the Tavern in the main hub area and build a mast from the gold bricks you’ve collected. That will unlock “The Ride” final level, which is a recreation of the Disney World ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” on which the movies are based.

How do you dig underwater in Lego Pirates?

It’s not appearing as an option. Go underwater by the statue without a head and use Jack’s compass. It will take you in front of the statue where you have to dig.

How do you get red hats in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

Through the right-hand gate in The Port, use Jack’s compass and select the red hat. Destroy all of the red flowers that appear. On the beach, chase a crab until it stops, then use the character button to jump onto its back. Run around until the Red Hat is revealed.

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What is character treasure in Lego Pirates?

Character Treasure: Releases studs upon defeating minifigs. Disguises: Makes all minifigs in entire game wear glasses with attached large nose and handlebar mustache. Extra hearts: Adds two hearts to your health bar. Extra Toggle: Extra characters to play as.

How do you get Davy Jones in LEGO Pirates?

Top Voted Answer. Just hit him a few times when you find him walking around the hub. This applies to any character you need to purchase that has the blacked out circle over their head preventing you from buying him/her.

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