Question: Can you take your own food into Legoland Windsor?

Can you bring food into Legoland Windsor?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food into the Park. As LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is predominately an outdoor attraction, there are limited covered areas outside to each lunch. … This is because the lockers are too small for a cool box and Guest Services are unable to store food.

Can you bring your own lunch to Legoland?

Legoland California does not allow any outside food and drink, but you can usually bring your own water bottles, granola bars and other small snacks that can be stashed away for those hangry emergencies. Exceptions are made for dietary restrictions and infants; call ahead if you’ll need to bring your own special food.

Can you take drinks into Legoland Windsor?

Yes you can bring in what you like, BUT no glass….. whilst there are places to eat/get drinks…… check if they are to your liking… mostly friend food or pizza. We take drinks/snacks with us too…. as we find it expensive for how much we need.

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Does Legoland have a food pass?

Yes, the All Day dining package is only available for purchase if you are a Guest staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel.

Can you bring food and drink to Legoland?

Outside food and drink is not permitted in the Park, however (water, small snacks and items required for medical, religious or specific dietary purposes are permitted).

How much is food at Legoland?

Meals in our restaurants range anywhere from $10.99 and up, drinks not included. Pizza Pasta Buffet is $16.99 plus tax for Adults and $10.00 plus tax for children.

Can I bring a water bottle into Legoland?

Please note that coolers and outside food are not permitted in the Park, however bottled water and any food or beverages required for specific dietary needs are allowed.

Are bags allowed in Legoland?

LEGOLAND California has many policies and procedures in place that make our Resort a safe place for our guests and staff members; all Guests are subject to bag checks before entry.

Does Legoland serve alcohol?

You can not buy beer at concessions in Legoland. However, you can buy beer at the Water Park, which is at the extreme rear of Legoland. … At the medieval BBQ place inside lego land they have beer and wine ! over a year ago.

How many days do you need at Legoland Windsor?

One day should be enough. It does depend on the age of the kids. The lines can be long for the thrill rides and shorter for the kids ones. Of course part of the day needs to be set aside for the lego models.

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Can you buy beer at Legoland Windsor?

As we are a family attraction we do not sell alcohol in the park. However, you can enjoy an alcoholic drink in our hotel bar (which also has a restaurant and paly area) and this is open to all guests.

How much is it to park at Legoland?

Cost for parking at LEGOLAND California is $25 for cars, $25 for motorcycles and $35 for motor homes, oversized vans and vehicles with trailers. Preferred parking is available for $35. Bus parking is free. Re-entry available with valid parking stub during same day of visit.

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