Is LEGO privately owned?

Lego (/ˈlɛɡoʊ/ LEG-oh, Danish: [ˈle̝ːgo]; stylised as LEGO) is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.

Is Lego owned by another company?

Lego System A/S (trade name: The Lego Group) is a Danish toy production company based in Billund.

The Lego Group.

Logo since 1998
Trade name The Lego Group
Total assets 37.2 billion kr. (2020)
Owners Kirkbi A/S (75%) The Lego Foundation (25%)
Number of employees 20,468 (2020)

Who owns and controls the Lego brand?

The LEGO Group is 75 percent owned by the third and fourth generations of the Kirk Kristiansen founding family, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his three children, through their holding and investment company KIRKBI A/S. The remaining 25 percent is owned by the LEGO Foundation.

Who is the CEO of LEGO?

Did Disney buy Legos?

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 1, 2015 – In an effort to expand their range of merchandising around the world, The Walt Disney Company has acquired the toy giant LEGO after a $4.01 billion transaction took place between Disney and The LEGO Group.

How much is the Lego company worth today?

As of August 2021, The estimated net worth of Lego is to be $40 billion. As of 2020, the company has an operating income of $10.8 billion. The revenue of the company comes from the sales of their products, which they have done for almost 87 years.

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Can you buy stock in Lego?

The reason you can’t buy a piece of the Lego stock at Stockpile isn’t that we don’t carry it, it is that the stock isn’t for sale on the stock market. Lego® is a privately-owned, family-controlled business and they aim to keep it that way.

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