How old are the Ninjago Ninjas?

Pilots: Kai at around 17, Nya at around 14-15, Jay at around 16, Cole at around 18, Zane in his late 30s-early 40s. S3: Kai at around 18-19, Nya at around 16-17, Jay at around 18, Cole at around 20, Lloyd around 16.

Who is the oldest ninja in Lego Ninjago?

Age. Like the majority of his fellow ninja, Kai is currently in his late teens. He is two years older than Nya.

Who is the weakest ninja in Ninjago?

Witch ninja is the weakest: Ninjago.

Who is the smartest ninja in Ninjago?

The Smartest characters in Ninjago: Of course the smartest is Neuro, who is the Master of Mind, so obivously. Then there are Cyrus Borg and Dr. Julien.

Does Lloyd have a girlfriend in Ninjago?

Harumi is the love interest of Lloyd Garmadon in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.

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