How do you use the red hat in Lego Pirates?

Through the right-hand gate in The Port, use Jack’s compass and select the red hat. Destroy all of the red flowers that appear. On the beach, chase a crab until it stops, then use the character button to jump onto its back. Run around until the Red Hat is revealed.

What does character treasure do?

Character Treasure is a Parcel from the level Free the Slaves. This extra lets you gather studs from enemies when they die.

How do you unlock Blackbeard in Lego Pirates?

It looks like you do have to complete the game to have him show up, but after that you need to go across the bridge that’s to the left of the port-area and kill him. Highly active question.

Who has bombs in Lego Pirates?


Name Ability Characters/Items
Explosives Destroy shiny, metallic objects. Cannons Jacoby Imaginary Jack (Bomb) Marty The Spaniard Throwing a Bomb
Improvisation Winches can be interacted with to bring the character using it to greater heights. Jack Sparrow

What is always double treasure in Lego Pirates?

Always Double Treasure: an extra double to treasure. Breathe Underwater: lets all characters not lose health when underwater.

How do you get gold bricks in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

Gold Brick

  1. Finding all Minikits.
  2. Collecting a certain number of Lego Studs reaching “True Pirate” status.
  3. Finding all the Compass pieces in a level.
  4. Completing a level in Story Mode.
  5. When you finish all minikits from one Story’s levels, you find another gold brick on the end of its minikit pier in the port level.
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Where do you get Blackbeard in Lego Pirates?

User Info: smeep2k4. You’ll find him by Tia’s hut in the Port. He’s 500,000 studs. Tia’s hut is to the left side of the left hand portion of the port (you’ll need a certain number of gold blocks to unlock the barrel roller to lift up the bridge to get to Tia’s hut).

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