How do you unlock the coffee shop in Lego Marvel superheroes?

About a block north, you’ll find a man who needs coffee for his boss. Follow the red studs to find the coffee shop in West Harlem. Climb the fire escape, use a sensory character to detect the shield panel, then use Captain America to open the shop.

Who is the boss challenge?


Who’s the Boss Complete each race, side mission, and puzzle in every area to unlock the corresponding boss. Defeat the boss to acquire that character.
Stunt Hunt Asgard: 2 Attilan: 2 Hala: 2 Hydra Empire: 2 Liberty Island: 1 Manhattan: 1 Medieval England: 1 Sakaar: 1 The Old West: 2 Xandar: 1

How do you unlock Silver Surfer on Lego Marvel superheroes?

Silver Surfer can be found one last time by the car garage in East Harlem, and he’s missing a piece of his board. Follow the red studs to find the thief who stole the piece; beat it off of him and return it to unlocked the Surfer.

Is Lego Avengers open world?

Lego Marvel’s Avengers matches each of its movie franchises with an iconic open world.

Where is the letter on the Helicarrier in Lego Marvel?

Go towards the back left rotar (the one by the water shooter that you can use to put out the fire). Once you’re there, go to the edge towards the back and you’ll notice a ladder/platforms going down. Its stuck to the edge via some plants. You need to hit the plants, then use a telekenetic character to lift it.

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What does studs x2 do in Lego Marvel?

Studs x2. Available: From start. Effect: Multiplies all studs gained by two.

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