How do you switch to Fang in Lego Harry Potter?

Fang – To unlock Fang you need to use Fang or Hermoine’s cat to dig in the first area of the level. It is located in a hidden, off-screen area in the southeast part of the level you start on. Hagrid – In the third area you will see a sealed chest, blast it open with Reducto to unlock Hagrid.

How do you change to Fang in Harry Potter?

Fang is unlocked at the beginning of “The Forbidden Forest”, by changing from either Ron or Harry (in Story-Mode) to Fang, and then using Fang to dig underneath the cliff at the start. Fang’s Character-Token will be in the tunnel.

How do you change characters in Diagon Alley LEGO Harry Potter?

You have to use poly juice potion from a cauldron. I haven’t found a cauldron in Diagon Alley at this point, but if you go to the area outside of the common rooms in Hogwarts there are a couple of them. Once you use the cauldron, you can go back to Diagon Alley and the transformation sticks. Hope this helps!

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How do you change spells in Lego Harry Potter?

Apparently you have to hold the “C” button in order for it to display, and then use the thumbstick to choose a spell, and then press “Z” to cast it.

What do yellow arrows mean in Lego Harry Potter?

They will often find a yellow arrow, from one of the detectors, which leads them to believe there is a gold brick somewhere in the library. … This is a small bug which means the arrow is coming from the Crest Detector, not the Gold Brick detector as you would naturally assume.

How do you get 100 in Lego Harry Potter?

How to complete the game in 100%? – you have to complete every single mission (24 in total) with True Wizard status, complete house crests, rescue all students (50 in total), collect all Red (20 in total) and Gold (200 in total) Bricks, collect all 167 character tokens.

What do the pink and blue sparkles mean in Lego Harry Potter?

They will allow you to see your Lego blocks that are hiding in the blue and pink glitter sparkles. Once you have acquired your Spectrespecs, you will need to head through the door and follow on with Nick!

Where do you put in the cheat codes for Lego Harry Potter?

In the Diagon Alley hub, head to Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies… …then investigate the board upstairs. To enter codes in Years 5-7, allows you to enter codes following at any point of the game but pressing pause and selecting Extras on the menu.

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Who is strong in Lego Harry Potter?

In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, Dudley Dursley and Vernon Dursley both have the Super Strength ability.

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