How do you get rid of built Lego sets?

To participate, take any loose Lego bricks, sets, or accessories you no longer want, put them into a cardboard box, and visit to print out a free UPS shipping label. The package will be sent to the Give Back Box facility, where your toy donation will be sorted, inspected and cleaned.

Can you sell assembled LEGOs?

Selling old LEGO bricks and sets is a great way to turn unwanted plastic bricks into extra cash. Some LEGOs are worth a few dollars, while others are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s easy to sell LEGOs but you do need to do a bit of work to make sure you sell them for as much as they are worth.

Does Lego have a recycle program?

According to the official site of Lego, recycling is very much possible! They stated that “we recommend passing them on to someone else.” According to this article, Lego has partnered up with Replay along with 2 other NGOs that will distribute donated Lego recycling Australia to classrooms and kids in need.

Are Lego sets a waste of money?

The perception of high cost in the range of construction toys is countered by the fact that LEGO branded bricks still work after many years, whereas some of the cheap clones last for only three tries. The latter would disappoint a child or adult builder so they are the waste of money.

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Should I mix my LEGO sets?

It definitely takes up a lot of space, but the sets are easy to put together. However, it does impede creativity because putting the pieces back where they go would be challenging. Totally mixing the sets together into one big bin (like I did when I was growing up) is totally out of the question.

How do you store Legos long term?

Instructions booklets put into a larger ziplock bags, and store with the sets. The worst thing for LEGO is heat and humidity. Heat will warp the pieces, and humidity will destroy boxes instructions, stickers and electric parts. Don’t risk loosing your collection over this.

Where is the best place to sell used LEGOs?

Best places to sell LEGO

  • Looking to Sell LEGOs?
  • Auction sites.
  • Local Yard Sales.
  • Facebook Yard Sale Groups.
  • Local Classifieds.
  • Bricks and Minifigs.
  • Thrift stores.

How do you make money off of LEGOs?

Selling and Buying Lego

You can purchase your Lego sets for a low price and sell them for a high price. The simple retail business. You can look out at boot sales, garage sales, and even thrift stores. You can also get cheap Lego sets from places like eBay.

What is the best way to sell LEGOs?

The best way to start your business is to go to a site called Bricklink, which is an online mega-store for used Lego sets and bricks (basically an eBay for all things Lego). If you have new, unopened sets, you can also sell on Amazon and get some good prices, but be sure to check out the fees Amazon charges first.

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