How do you get ice cream in Lego Harry Potter?

Where is the ice lolly in the restricted section?

If you can’t find the third potion ingredient, which is blue and looks like an ice lolly, the answer is: To get the blue ice lolly ingredient use the stand on the yellow book and your co-op buddy will levitate you upwards. Now jump up onto the left hand ledge and break the ice wall between the two bookcases.

How do you unlock the red sparkles in Lego Harry Potter?

In order to do away with the objects with red sparkles around them you have to use dark magic. In order to use dark magic you need to use the Polyjuice Potion (or use an evil character on freeplay — e.g. Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle or Barty Crouch Jr.).

How do you get the red spider in Lego Harry Potter Year 3?

Have Ron kill the Boggart to the left, then have Harry use Parseltongue to get some pieces. Put them together to make a platform. Shoot the spiderweb there and collect the spider.

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How do you destroy the books in Lego Harry Potter?

Seen a lot of gamers online (on other consoles…) go up to the red books with the cloak and then press a button which makes harry jump on them and kill them.

How do I get my house crest in the restricted section?

Using Hermione, access the light puzzle cabinet along the right side of the first room and solve it. You’ll receive a House Crest fragment for your trouble. In the first room, hop onto the book that the witch in the back right corner holds.

How do you unlock Fang in Lego Harry Potter?

Fang – To unlock Fang you need to use Fang or Hermoine’s cat to dig in the first area of the level. It is located in a hidden, off-screen area in the southeast part of the level you start on. Hagrid – In the third area you will see a sealed chest, blast it open with Reducto to unlock Hagrid.

Does Igor karkaroff have dark magic?

Igor Karkaroff is the captain of the . He is sometimes rumoured to have Dark Magic which he doesn’t have, but should according to the movies.

What are the red boxes in Lego Harry Potter?

Red Bricks (I) These items allow you to affect how the game progresses by giving you handy benefits. For instance, it’s possible to find several multipliers so that you can more quickly build up a good supply of LEGO studs, the currency that in turn will allow you to quickly pay for spells and characters.

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