How do you disconnect Lego Mario?

How do you turn off Bluetooth on Lego Mario?

While your LEGO Mario™ figure is disconnected from the app please hold down the power and Bluetooth buttons for 10 seconds until he blinks and starts showing a d… see more. We’re sorry to hear this. Please restart the app, remove and put back the batteries on your LEGO Mario™ figure and turn him on again.

How long does it take to update Mario Lego?

How long does the firmware update take? Updating LEGO Mario / LEGO Luigi ‘s firmware takes a little more than three minutes. If you’re seeing a message in the app that says ‘Something went wrong’, and the ‘Try again’ button doesn’t work, follow these steps: Restart the app.

How do I connect my Lego Mario to my IPAD?

Android compatibility

  1. Swipe down from the top and tap the Gear icon (System Settings)
  2. Scroll towards the bottom and tap About Phone. …
  3. Tap Software Info.
  4. The OS version of your device is shown under Android Version.

What colors does Lego Mario recognize?

You can use any LEGO bricks, but try using red, green, yellow, blue and purple especially. That’s because the color sensor in LEGO Mario’s feet will recognize the color, making the screens on his belly and face react in different, fun ways!

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