How do you change your avatar on Lego tower?

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How do you change characters in Lego tower?

Is there an easier way to change all pieces that a minifigure is wearing?

  1. Press the infinity symbol next to the minifigure. This changes all pieces to those that have an unlimited number of.
  2. Press the dice next to the minifigure. This changes all pieces to a random piece that you own.

How do you convert minifigures in LEGO Tower?

Convert minifigures to pay 900 base rent

  1. Send your minifigure (that does not pay 900 base rent) to another account.
  2. Using the other account, open the mail and put the minifigure in a residential floor with a gold brick.
  3. Have the minifigure sent back. The minifigure will now pay 900 base rent.

How do you get more characters in Lego tower?

If you have more than one set of pieces for a certain character, you can upgrade that character to have a higher base rent. Each upgrade will cost one of each piece that makes up the character. These pieces are lost, but the character upgrade is permanent.

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What happens if you delete a floor in Lego tower?

The deleting floor function does the following things: It changes the floor to an empty floor, allowing you to change the floor to a different floor. This means the construction time will apply again after you select a business or residential floor.

How do you get gold bricks Lego tower?

Gold bricks are used to improve your floors in LEGO Tower. You earn a gold brick by rebuilding your tower that is at least 50 floors tall. You can see the number of unused/total gold bricks you have in the top left corner of the screen below the coins and Bux.

How do Lego towers make money?

To earn money, you simply have to encourage LEGO Minifigures to visit the various different floors in your tower. Whenever you hear a ping, a Minifigure should be waiting in the elevator to visit a certain floor. Send the elevator to that floor and you’ll earn money.

How many floors can you get in Lego tower?

There are currently 78 business floors in the game, broken down by type as follows: Creative (orange): 13.

What does a gold brick do in Lego tower?

A residential floor golden brick enables you to generate full rent (900 coins) minifigures if you send your gifted minifigures there or if your random visitors land on that floor. You get an additional 3x multiplier if your residents on the golden floor works in the dream job.

What is the tallest Lego tower?

Someone is always building big new things out of Lego, and this Lego record is an exciting one: the world’s tallest Lego tower. Built in Budapest, Hungary out of 450,000 bricks, it stands 114 feet tall!

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