How do you beat the Transfiguration in Lego Harry Potter?

How do you get out of the Transfiguration room in Lego Harry Potter?

You have to play as Harry first (I was Ron) and step into the square, shoot the wheel things that come out. When you do 2 or 3, the chalkboard will tell you it’s another characters turn, switch to that character and repeat until you have done it with all three.

How do you learn Transfiguration in Lego Harry Potter?

(Left Image) Transfiguration magic can be learned by hitting the mechanical fellows with charged magic blasts.

What is the transfiguration spell in Lego Harry Potter?

The Transfiguration Spell (incantation unknown) was a transfiguration spell that transformed one thing into something entirely different.

What do first years learn in Transfiguration?

It taught the art of changing the form and appearance of an object or a person. This type of magic was commonly referred to as “Transfiguration” and was considered both complex and dangerous.

How do you unlock Ginny in Lego Harry Potter?

Ginny (Cardigan) – Outside of Hogwarts, near Hagrid’s Hut, go to the south to find a pixie holding up a blue rocket. Get rid of it and then light up the rocket to cause this token to appear. Get the flying pumpkin from the other pixie and then fly on up to it.

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What are the sub branches of Transfiguration?

Classification. Currently, transfiguration is divided into four branches (though – whilst based on canonical information – the typology is conjectural). They are, in ascending order of difficulty: Transformation, Vanishment, Conjuration and Untransfiguration. They are described below.

Which spell transfigures an object into a rabbit?

The second spell we’re going to cover is Lapifors, which transfigures a medium sized object into a rabbit.

How do you get Voldemort in Harry Potter 5 7?


  1. During the fight with Nagini, go behind one of the pillars and you’ll find his character token. You then must buy him, but he costs 25,000,000! I just used the multiplier cheat codes. …
  2. Once you start fighting Nagini, go to the back right corner of the area. User Info: stepheng82. stepheng82 – 8 years ago 1 3.
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