How do I change my age on Lego ideas?

How do you make a Lego account?

How to get a LEGO Account

  1. Sign in to your LEGO Account, or create a new one.
  2. Verify your identity with a credit card.
  3. Link your adult LEGO Account to your child’s LEGO Account.

How do I log into Lego life?

Just go to to find links to download. Once you’ve logged in, you can get started right away. The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to choose your favorite LEGO® themes and characters. Doing this will set your homepage up with content we hope you’ll love.

Can I change my LEGO username?

Yes. The randomly generated username you see on your LEGO Account is what we call a “nickname.” It’s designed to keep you anonymous. … Your nickname can only be changed once every thirty days. Since LEGO IDEAS is for members 13 and older, you can change your display name in your profile.

How old is Duplo for?

Lego Duplo (trademarked as DUPLO and stylized in the logo as duplo) is a core product range of the construction toy Lego by The LEGO Group, designed for children from 11⁄2 to 5 years old.

Is a LEGO VIP account free?

It’s FREE to join! As a VIP Member, you will enjoy these benefits: $1 Spent = 1 VIP Point Earned. 100 VIP Points = $5 VIP Reward.

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Does LEGO Club still exist?

Lego Magazine – A PLAYbook featuring comics, building ideas, cool creations, and games. First seen in May/June 2002.

Lego Club Magazine.

Categories Lego
Frequency Every other month
Year founded 1987 (as Brick Kicks)
Final issue January/February 2017 (Got absorbed into Lego Life)
Company Lego Group

Who owns Lego now?

You can make changes to your LEGO® Life account by clicking here.

  1. Log in to the LEGO® Account linked to your subscription.
  2. You’ll receive an email from us.
  3. Click the ‘Make Changes’ link in the email and you’ll be sent to your profile page where you can update your details.

Changing Your Username:

You can change your username by visiting My Personal Information in myBrickLink. Usernames can only be changed once every 30 days. Keep in mind that your store URL also changes along with your username. If your shop is associated with Peeron, you will need to update your URL with them.

What is Lego username?

Your LEGO® Account username gives you access to everything on It’s what you use to sign in. A nickname is different from a username and is created specifically to keep you anonymous. It’s what’s displayed publicly.

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