How big is a GREY Lego baseplate?

Whether you’re creating a street scene, castle, or something of your own imagination, this gray-colored 48 x 48-stud Baseplate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, and playing with your LEGO creations. – Measures 48×48 studs or 15” (38cm) x 15” (38cm).

What are the sizes of LEGO base plates?

Buy LEGO Standard Baseplates

  • LEGO Baseplate 16 x 32 (2748) …
  • LEGO Baseplate 32 x 32 (2836 / 3811) …
  • LEGO Baseplate 16 x 16 (6098 / 57916) …
  • LEGO Baseplate 8 x 16 (3865) …
  • LEGO Baseplate 48 x 48 (3497 / 4186) …
  • LEGO Baseplate 16 x 32 Warehouse Set 341.
  • LEGO Baseplate 10 x 48 Train-Ferry Set 343.
  • LEGO Baseplate 24 x 32 Fire-House.

How big is a 32×32 LEGO baseplate?

Measuring over 10” (25cm) square, this bright white building toy gives kids a spacious 32×32-stud LEGO landscape on which to build, play and display. Bigger, better, brighter, whiter!

What colors do LEGO base plates come in?

This includes landscaping colors like blues, greens, browns, white, gray, and black. Bright colors like yellow, orange, red, pinks and purples. And even some translucent colors are available. Colors can be bought individually or in various bundles.

How big should LEGO city be?

Assuming you use the standard LEGO modular buildings, each base plate will measure 32 x 32 studs. The common space can be 16 studs deep and stretch across the length of the buildings. So, the minimum space you require is 40.4” x 15.2”. This is the size of a large shelf or a small counter-top.

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Can you cut LEGO base plate?

LEGO base plate is a bit tricky to cut. … Some use hot wire to melt and cut, but it is hard to navigate and, done incorrectly, will wrinkle the edge of the base plate. One of the easiest way that I have used is using cutter and steel ruler. The whole process took less than 15 minutes.

How big is a 16×16 Lego plate?


Not suited for children younger than 3 years
Category LEGO Parts
Weight 35 grams
Dimensions (LxWxH) 16 x 16 x 0,3 studs
Amount of parts 1
World of lego games