Frequent question: How do you unlock attract studs in Lego Marvel 2?

How do you unlock attract studs in Lego Marvel superheroes 2?

However, you have to collect them first (about 2,000,000 studs). You can also focus on completing Gwenpool’s missions (especially mission 5 – Toe-to-Totem). There, you can find a certain pink brick – it will allow you to attract studs. This will make collecting studs easier.

How do I attract studs to pink brick?

Pink Brick – Attract Studs

This pink brick can be collected after you put out the fire. Use the bricks and build a shooting range. Then, shoot ten moving targets.

What does attract studs do in Lego Marvel?

Attract Studs

Effect: Studs in your character’s general vicinity will be picked up automatically.

Where is the attract studs red brick in Lego Marvel?

Red Brick 12: Attract Studs

Location: You will find this red brick in the “Stunt Show Surprise” level, in the Circus Tent. You’ll need Magneto or another character with magnetic powers to get the red brick out of the metal cage.

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