Frequent question: Can you use mega blocks on a LEGO table?

We have different sizes of mega bloks some are smaller, similar to Lego’s. … The smaller blocks (lego size) will not work on this table. It is for the bigger Mega block size.

Are Mega Bloks and Legos the same?

Lego and Mega Blocks are two brand names of construction-type toys as well as minifigures. … The main difference between both toys is the company that produces them. Lego is produced by the Lego Group, a private company in Denmark while Mega Blocks is produced by Mega Brands, a public company based in Canada.

Which is better LEGO or Playmobil?

Lego reallyis the more versatile toy although Playmobil has the advantage of not fallingapart whilst being played with. Playmobil had some great themes available (andstill does) whereas with Lego the only limit to themes was the imagination. … Different toys. Different ways of playing.

What’s the difference between Lego and Duplo?

LEGO and DUPLO blocks are both made by the same company, The LEGO Group. While the two function the same as how the pieces snap together, DUPLO are designed for younger children who may not yet be nimble enough to play with LEGO.

Is Mega Bloks going out of business?

U.S. toy maker Mattel Inc. is closing its Mega Bloks factory in Montreal’s St-Laurent suburb in a move that will result in job losses for some 580 employees. At the time, that segment of the toy sector was estimated to be a US$4-billion market for the United States and Europe alone.

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Is Mega construx fake Lego?


Up next is MEGA CONSTRUX, which also focuses mainly on licensed sets. The bricks, while not comparable to LEGO, are still better than most knockoffs. The licensed sets cover some big names like Call of Duty, Halo, and even Pokémon . The builds all look great and are faithful to the source material.

Why is Mega Bloks bad?

In addition, their colors are not standardized, and can be all over the place, which further makes Mega Bloks a bad choice for custom models. Having said that, you can find some interesting small pieces in Mega Bloks sets that LEGO doesn’t make. The quality of the pieces however is not nearly as good as LEGO.

What is the best alternative to LEGO?

Mega Bloks are a great alternative to LEGO DUPLOs. These large, colorful plastic blocks are great for kids as young as age 1. Mega Bloks are high-quality and long-lasting. We had the same set last through all four of our kids, and they were still in great shape so we donated them to another family.

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