Does LEGO VIP have an app?

LEGO’s Digital VIP Card app will be made available on both primary mobile OS platforms: Apple’s iOS and Android. With this, LEGO can also directly send updates about product info and launch dates on user’s phones and tablets. The app of course can show accumulated points for their users’ accounts.

What does LEGO VIP do?

What is LEGO® VIP? Sign up online or in-store and start collecting points. You also get access to our Reward Centre and you can download a digital VIP card to your smartphone, too. Our flexible rewards structure makes it easy to redeem points anytime or save up for something big.

How do you get a LEGO VIP card on your phone?

Your new digital card will be attached to your existing account.

  1. Go to on your smart phone and sign into the Rewards Centre.
  2. Click on “Add VIP Card to Mobile Wallet “
  3. Your smart phone will prompt you to add the card to your digital wallet.
  4. Congrats! You now have a digital card!

Do LEGO VIP accounts expire?

LEGO® VIP Points will only expire if you stop using your account for 18 months. Anytime you earn or redeem points, the timer resets and you’ll get another 18 months to use them. When you’re close to losing your points, we’ll send you an email at the address linked to your LEGO® VIP account.

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How do you get free VIP points on Lego?

You can earn LEGO® VIP Points on just about anything purchased from and LEGO Stores. You can also earn points by filling out surveys, watching videos, visiting our Facebook page, referring a friend to the program, and more!

Can you get LEGO VIP points from Amazon?

No. Award points are only awarded when purchased through the lego online or retail stores.

Do you have to pay for LEGO VIP?

It’s FREE to join! As a VIP Member, you will enjoy these benefits: $1 Spent = 1 VIP Point Earned. 100 VIP Points = $5 VIP Reward.

What can I spend my LEGO VIP points on?

Once you’ve earned your points, you can spend them on discounts on future purchases, exclusive sets and items, and digital products such as coloring activities. You’ll also be able to use your points to get tickets to events and experiences and enter VIP-exclusive sweepstakes.

How long does it take to get Lego VIP points?

It’s best to wait 24 hours until you go to check for the added points.

Can you use Lego VIP card at Legoland?

No, unfortunately at this time we cannot redeem or reward LEGO VIP Points due to system incompatibility. For more information about LEGO VIP benefits, please visit the LEGO VIP website.

Can you use more than one LEGO VIP code?

Yes, you can use more than one discount voucher at a time. However, currently you cannot use more than one promotional code for physical rewards.

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