Does Lego ship to Greece?

Does Lego US ship internationally?

The delivery time and courier will vary depending on the delivery method you chose.

Worldwide delivery times.

Location Australia
Standard Delivery Times* 1-8 days
Express Delivery Times* 1-2 days
Bricks & Pieces Delivery Times* 5-8 days
Pick a Brick Delivery Times* 15 days

Where do Legos ship from?

LEGO® Education distribution center centrally located in Garland, Texas – making ground delivery as fast as expedited shipping for parts of the country.

Does Lego ship to Germany?

Collection Point Delivery

You can have your order delivered to a DPD Collection Point. Collection Points are available in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland and Sweden.

How much does it cost to ship Legos?

About Your Shipment

Order Value Standard Express*
$ 150.01 – $ 200.00 Free $ 29.95
$ 200.01 – $ 350.00 Free $ 32.95
$ 350.01 and over Free $ 39.95
Estimated Delivery 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday) 1-2 business days (Monday through Friday)

Who does Lego use for shipping UK?

Well it seems the LEGO Group have now partnered with DPD in place of DHL for online orders. Unfortunately just like the new VIP system there are a few issues. Online orders now take longer and there is no way to track them until DPD email you.

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Where does LEGO Pick a Brick ship from?

Pick-A-Brick orders are shipped from Denmark so they take longer, and they also need more processing time. In my experience they take 2 weeks to arrive.

Can I order Lego from a different region?

Your LEGO® order can be shipped direct to you or a friend/relative in select countries within Europe and even to North America and Asia/Pacific.

Can I return Lego to Lego store?

LEGO® Stores give full refunds for any sealed sets originally purchased at a LEGO® Store provided you have the original receipt and the payment card you used at the store. … Open sets with a receipt can be returned for an exchange or store credit.

How long is Lego Delivery UK?

Delivery timeframes

Region Standard Delivery Times* Bricks & Pieces Delivery Times*
Taiwan unavailable 5-8 days (replacements only)
Turkey unavailable 8-10 days (replacements only)
UK 2-4 days 9-12 days
USA 3-5 days 7-10 days

How long do orders take from Lego?

Pick a Brick & Bricks and Pieces

Please allow 9-10 business days for shipping of Pick a Brick and 7-10 business days for Bricks and Pieces orders.

Are Lego deliveries delayed?

Just before Christmas the UK had its borders with Europe closed due to a mutant strain of COVID-19, first discovered in the UK. Well, there is some good news as UK standard delivery is back on, although orders could still be slightly delayed compared to normal. …

Why does my Lego order say in warehouse?

Your order is being prepared to ship from our warehouse. … Some of the items in your order have shipped and others are backordered.

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