Can you smoke at Legoland UK?

There are 3 designated smoking areas in the park located opposite to Fire Academy in LEGO City, the Enchanted Forest in NEXO Knights Kingdom and next to Squid Surfer in Adventureland. … These are the only areas where smoking is allowed in the park.

Is smoking allowed at Legoland?

Legoland enforces its smoking ban to the extent that they do not even permit the use of electronic cigarettes except in their one smoking area.

Is Legoland UK good for adults?

Its got some decent rides and the theme park half is enjoyable for adults. The lego world part will more likely to astound you.

Are adults allowed in Legoland?

“In order to constantly maintain a welcoming environment in which to play, the Centres do not permit entry to any groups of adults, adult couples, or lone adults, who are not accompanied by a young child or children,” the spokesperson went on.

Can you sleep at Legoland?

Our Standard and Fully Themed Rooms sleep up to 5, 2 adults and 3 children, Suites sleep up to 7 people (max 4 adults).

Can you smoke at Chessington?

There are designated smoking areas spread through the park. … Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is NOT allowed outside of these areas, particularly in ride queue lines.

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Do Adults have to pay to get into Legoland?

Yes, anyone three-years-old and older, (including Adults) must purchase a ticket to enter. Adults must be accompanied by a child to enter LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

Can you go to Legoland without a child UK?

Can adults visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre without any children? Adults must be accompanied by children to enter LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Most of the attraction is designed for little ones. We appreciate that adults love LEGO too and host exclusive adult nights for our Adult Fans of LEGO without children.

Is Legoland plus size friendly?

Plus-Size at LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND prides itself on being a theme park built for kids. This means that LEGOLAND is not very plus-size friendly.

Is Legoland worth the money?

Legoland is totally worth it. … IF (you knew there was a “but” or an “if” in there, right?)… you are Lego fans, you aren’t looking for big thrill rides, you are doing other things the area, and your kids are between the ages of 2-12 (see the best theme parks for toddlers and preschoolers.)

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