Can you mix and match Lego sets?

It definitely takes up a lot of space, but the sets are easy to put together. However, it does impede creativity because putting the pieces back where they go would be challenging. Totally mixing the sets together into one big bin (like I did when I was growing up) is totally out of the question.

How do you sort mixed LEGO sets?

Levels of Organization

  1. Most LEGO builders recommend that you start by sorting your LEGO parts by category rather than by color.
  2. Sorting the same 18 parts by Part, Color, and Element.
  3. It’s no surprise that larger LEGO collections are more organized than small ones.

Are there 18+ LEGO sets?

There are lots of 18+ sets around right now that focus on display pieces and the grown-up side of LEGOs for adults. … But, the new Star Wars R2-D2 Lego Set 75308 shows that you can get an adult Star Wars LEGO set that is also a lot of fun.

Are LEGO sets copyrighted?

The LEGO Group owns the copyrights to its building instructions, publications and to the photographs used in our catalogs and on our packages. … A disclaimer and notice must appear indicating that the copyrights are owned by the LEGO Group (e.g. LEGO Group.

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Will LEGOs melt in the attic?

However, LEGO bricks are safest at temperatures below 113⁰F (45⁰C), and they become malleable at 131⁰F (55⁰C). So, it’s unlikely that LEGOs will melt in the attic, but you may still want to avoid storing your LEGOs in places that are prone to extremely high temperatures.

How do you store old LEGO sets?

10 LEGO storage ideas

  1. Store your Lego in a bag. …
  2. Put Lego away in a zip-up bag. …
  3. Create a Lego workshop. …
  4. Sort your Lego into storage drawers. …
  5. Store Lego in a plastic storage box. …
  6. Make Lego instantly accessible with flip-out drawers. …
  7. Store your Lego in bigger Lego. …
  8. Display (and store) your Lego creations.

Is it illegal to sell fake LEGO?

The short answer is yes. If it’s in violation of Lego’s IP (complete clone sets & instructions), or if it’s a clone product that the person is marketing at genuine Lego (fraud) that’s an issue. If it’s just Lego-compatible bricks from whatever source, then it is what it is.

LEGO claims the court ruling will confuse its customers. (CNN) — Toy manufacturer LEGO, famous for its small plastic stackable bricks, is not allowed to register one of them as its trademark, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

The LEGO Logo may not be used on an Unofficial Web Site

The logo stands for the LEGO Group and we cannot risk allowing the distinctiveness of this symbol to be diluted. We must, therefore, insist that the LEGO logo NEVER be used on an unofficial web site.

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