Can adults collect LEGO?

And you can easily focus your creativity while having fun by bringing Lego sets back into your life with an entire collection made just for adults. Playing with Lego as an adult comes with many different benefits including a way to practice mindfulness. … “Using Lego as an adult can be great to reduce stress and anxiety.

Are adults allowed in the Lego store?

“In order to constantly maintain a welcoming environment in which to play, the Centres do not permit entry to any groups of adults, adult couples, or lone adults, who are not accompanied by a young child or children,” the spokesperson went on. … Let the kids have their fun. Mashable reached out to Lego for comment.

Are Legos a good hobby?

Lego building and collecting can be a great hobby. … Lego’s are enjoyed by kids all over the world (and even some adults). Lego Company estimates that over 400 million people a year play with Lego Bricks. There are clubs you can join with the Lego company as well as building clubs and building competitions.

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